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Similar to a Rickroll, one is doucherolled when they click on a link expecting one thing and are instead assaulted with a video and/or song of John Mayer (or someone else with the same level of popularity and douchebaggery).
Friend: I am loving this song right now! {link}

You: What's this -- oh, fml, I've been doucherolled.
by Pariselle February 21, 2010
When one gay person has an intense platonic crush on another gay person of the opposite sex.

An infatugaytion may or may not include appreciation of the other person's physical attributes, but both parties can rest assured that their sexualities are not compromised.
"I am a lesbian, but I have such a huge infatugaytion with Adam Lambert. I want to have his gaybies."
by Pariselle April 22, 2009
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