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A small suburb of New York city located approximately 1 hour (by car or train) NW of manhattan. New Canaan is often characterized as the home of alcoholic children and popped-collar snobs, but is in fact a great community. If you're looking to raise a family, you'll be hard pressed to find a safer, more wholesome environment for your children. The public schools (although ranked very highly) do suffer from some of the moral decay written about by previous visitors to this site. However, for younger children, there are great pre-K programs such as Toddler Time and Beginners at New Canaan Country School. The town center is friendly and alive, with a good selection of restaurants and shops. Supermarkets are close, with an even greater variety of outlets available within 20 minutes driving distance. Home styles vary from very modest residences near town to sprawling estates with sweeping lawns, pools, and tennis courts. New Canaan does lack ethnic and religious diversity, as it has long been considered less than welcoming to non-WASPs. However, all the cultural diversity New York City has to offer is only an hour away.
If you're looking for a safe place to raise your kids, New Canaan, CT, is a great choice.
by Parental Advice June 21, 2005

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