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1 definition by Parent Berny

A Township, in between Reading and Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This place is home to cookie cutter houses, a new shopping center, multiple golf courses, a music shop, and one of the largest Walmarts on the east coast, and still nothing to do. The high school is filled with the typical feelings of self-righteousness, accomplishment, and rebellion through idiocy. Most students have recognized the need to change, and moved on to better things, but others remain the same, and get nowhere. Known for accomplishments in Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, and Marching Band; Rivals are Daniel Boone and Wilson.
Person 1: You been to Exeter lately?
Person 2: Yeah, the people are still the same...
Person 1: How about that shopping center?
Person 2: Yeah, how about it...
by Parent Berny January 14, 2011