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This is the brown residue after anal intercourse left to crust and harden into a thin shell-like casing on the balls

aka you got the poop on de ballz - Sugartits
Honey, you really need to go wash up, your mud clot is rubbing up on my twat lips and i'm chaffing.
by PappysMaster January 26, 2011
In the seat(s) below the sun roof of a parked car, the female rides the cock shaft using sun roof for leverage. From the bystandard POV (point of view) her head pokes in and out of view from the sun roof creating a bobbing bobber effect.
"Honey what do you think is going on in there?" as the wifey points out a mysterious visual of a womans head poking in and out of view from the next parked car. "Ha ha sweetheart, thats a bit of the Solar Bobber, the lucky bastard!"
by PappysMaster April 12, 2010

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