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Biggest rip-off auction site where you can sell something for $9.99 and be charged $50 in selling fees. Frequented by losers, hicks, white trash, and carnies.
Ebay and Microsoft are in bed together. I know this because Ebay's website only functions properly with MS Internet Explorer.

I was so sick of Ebay's evil business prcatices that I posted Ebay's geo coordinates on an Al Qaeda website. Ebay no longer exists... Does anyone know Microsoft Corp's geo coordinates?
by Pappa-Son December 19, 2004
1) Another name for someone who is mentally retarded.

2) Anyone who's IQ is below 70
Doctor: We're so sorry, Mr and Mrs Smith, but your child was born with Trisomy 21.
Mr and Mrs Smith: You mean...you mean...
Doctor: Yes, I'm affraid that your child is an ebayer... Im so sorry. Down the road, you will probably want to consider institutionalization.

Look at that guy pissing on himself... WHAT AN EBAYER!

I gave that ebayer a 10 dollar bill and they gave me change for a fifty... who says ebayers are useless?
by Pappa-Son December 25, 2004
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