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4 definitions by Papoosenigga

Someone who quits myspace to live in the real world. People on their friend list usually become devastated.
Dick is a myspace quitter and he now lives in the real world.
by Papoosenigga August 18, 2006
84 8
A fight that myspace has become the battlefield. People fighting one can be gambling with their reputations.
Pappas won the myspace war.
by Papoosenigga August 14, 2006
32 7
A girl that is too ugly to tap. Its like saying I cant tap dat.
The untappables came out when I was walking down the street with my peoples. They tried to talk dirty so I ran.
by Papoosenigga January 11, 2007
30 12
The cure for bitch niggaz. It is a treatment when a nigga acts like a nigga to turn bitch into a nigga.
Sam is a bitch nigga. After pappas niggaized him he became his polar opposite.
by Papoosenigga September 30, 2006
12 8