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1. Coarse fabrics used to groom horses.

2. A word commonly used by female mexican rappers, they've never revealed the meaning.

3. (Adj) Rare and small

4. (Verb) Equivalent to spooning backwards.
"Hand me the BeGanchelante, We've got a race to win."

"El diablo pablo, BeGanchelante, Uh!"

Dewey: Hey howard, Ya don't see many red-haired midgets Do ya?"

Jeff: "Nope, They're kinda BeGanchelante"

Dewey: "Shut up Jeff! I was talking to howard."

"What do you say we mosey over to my place and BeGanchelante"
by PaperTowelBuy November 29, 2007
1. A House or orchard where people congregate.

2. A Proper name. Usually Mexican.
"Hey buddy, Let's run on down to the McGuffenFluffen."

"Yep, Let's Go"

"Where the hell is McGuffenFluffen, The Mexican?"

by PaperTowelBuy November 29, 2007

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