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Great stuff that nearly even British person is addicted to... including me. It doesn't really help your thirst, albeit it makes you thirstIER!
Janice: God, I love tea!
Samantha: Yeah I know! My husband Paul got me addicted to it!
by Paper Heart April 08, 2009
A 'nigga' is a black person, and can be used as an insult OR a nick-name. Some people use the term 'nigga' as friend, and do not mean it to be offensive, however nowadays many people take it the wrong way.
1. Sam: Hey you, you nigga!
Tom: Me?
Sam: Yeh, you.
Tom: Don't call me a nigga! Just because
I'm black doesn't mean I should be called
a nigga!

2. Robert: Wasup, my nigga?
Ron: Yo!
by Paper Heart April 08, 2009
An AOL robot that just INSISTS on annoying you when you try to say something to it, and replying with a random sentence that was not relevant at all. It was created by some fags.

Chloe says:

SmarterChild says:
* I like robots too.

Chloe says:
* mm.

SmarterChild says:
* OK. Don't get frustrated...

Try typing "home" or "help".

Chloe says:
* I'm not frustrated.

SmarterChild says:
* I don't understand this fully enough to say anything smart about it...

Chloe says:
* WTF? idiota.
by Paper Heart April 08, 2009

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