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A person regarded as ungainly or dull-witted lacking movement, development, or vitality. A freakin idiot.
"Damn! That dude is straight Lumpstatic!"
by papawood April 11, 2012
Having sexual intercourse without a condom. see also raw.
I was free shafting up in that shorty.
by Papawood December 08, 2003
This is like the Gonzo and Fruitbowl
Step1) grab your scrotum,but be careful to allow your testicles to still hang freely to the ground.
Step2) ask someone if they want to see a beating chicken heart
Step3) when you have a victim willing to see, show him your sack while squeezing your scrotum in a pulsating rhythm to make it appear to be beating
no need for an example....
by Papawood December 08, 2003
a person who does drugs they are too immature to handle and thus making incoherent statements or idiotic neverending laughing.
Paul and Billy are an embaracement to cheif with,cuz they aint nothing but geekers.
by Papawood December 08, 2003
The act of raising ones testicles slightly up above the shaft of their penis, thus making your member resemble gonzo, the lovable muppet.
When presented with the fruitbowl by his naked friend in the locker room, Adam P. retorted by showing his hetro friend with the gonzo
by Papawood December 08, 2003
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