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A seminar that can be likened to a cult. I personally did one and seemed okay afterwards, I was allowed to leave for the bathroom when I wanted and learned to live in the moment. I don't think I will call others up to join though as there are cheaper and softer alternatives. Also this place can really break a persons mind if they are not prepared but for a person like me I left with less burdens.

The forum might have grown softer due to accusation and lawsuits of mental abuse. It was derived from est which has been shown to be more authoritarian but my father got out fine when it had its run.
The Landmark Education has caused others to commit suicide or suffer mental breakdowns. The new vocabulary is quite annoying too. They also call you when you least expect it.

One person In my class patched up a relationship with her parents and stopped smoking, drinking, and have multiple partners have sex with her without protection.
by Papashaw October 23, 2011

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