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Derived from the slang word quicktime, which still means soon but the added word time at the end gives it more steez
Person 1: Yoooo im soooo hungry i gotz to eat something right now man.

Person 2: yoo no worries bra im gonna hook you up with some tv dinners soontime.
by Papageorge P September 28, 2006
People who are addicted to sex, and everything to do with the sexual nature.
Person 1: yoo i hear paul and karin have sex multiple times a day!

Person 2: Ye dude i hear that, they are such add-ex.
by Papageorge P October 03, 2006
this word is often used among various people as a way of saying no in an obvious but more kind matter.
Person 1: Yo wanna go chill downtown all night again?

Person 2: Hmmaybe.

Person 1: K. Just gimme a call alright?

Person 2: Hmmaybe.
by Papageorge P October 04, 2006
a carpet tre is a skateboarding slang term which describes a 360 flip as very low with almost no pop at all.
Person 1: Yo dude I just 360 flipped it was awesome!!!

Person 2: You mean that gnar carpet tre you just pulled, that shit was dutty and had no stee.
by Papageorge P October 04, 2006

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