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adv. 'fuchile' to denote the actual act of smelling something bad
Fuchile this bathroom stinks!
by Papa Fuch June 11, 2006
Negative, derrogatory term to describe one who believes that indigenous people are right no matter what and hate on others. Usually found wearing psuedo (and or authentic) indian wear, tattoos, and other paraphenelia to prove their indigeneity to all.
Man that vato is a real Indigenazi, he hates on anyone who he thinks isn't as down as he is.
by Papa Fuch June 11, 2006
One who is Latino and dresses and acts in hippy like ways mixed with Latino ways. For example, being into peace and love, reggae music, striking their own chest after shaking hands, wears dreadlocks, patchouli, sandals or huaraches, Aztec calendars around the neck, Indian flower print dresses, long hair, chews on licorice roots, sage/incense/copal burning, Quinto Sol & Burning Star in CD player, ...you get the picture.
When Johnny became 'Jaguar' and got his dreadlocks he got all hipteca on us.
by Papa Fuch June 11, 2006
A person who is into House music and thinks all other music sucks, especially Trance.
Dang, Julio is such a House snob he refuses to go to his sisters wedding because the DJ might play Trance.
by Papa Fuch June 11, 2006

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