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The tasty treat with the following ingredients:

1- girl wth pussy

1- guy with dick or girl

3+ cups- whipped cream

1 bottle- chocolate syrup

optional- couple cherries

step 1: buy/find all the ingredients
step 2: Prepare the boy (or girl) and girl by removing all outer coverings. They get in the way...and can mean ur dish doesnt go to completion. Open the syrup bottle, tear off the tag on the whipped cream spray can, and open the jar of cherries.
step 3: Mix and place the ingredients on the girl as wanted. Usually around the muff area, and/or the milk bubbles area.

step 4: Eat and enjoy.

For best results: make sure the ingredients are at room temperature or slightly cooler. Too hot or too cold, could be bad and cause injuries, or discomfort. Amounts may vary on personal preferences.
Morgan asked me what I wanted for dinner, and I told her I wanted some of her famous pussy casserole.
by Papa Chef :) June 29, 2009

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