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A favorite of aggressive and sexually adventurous medical students everywhere, the storied Rob Job consists of a twofold stimulation of the human male.

The partner first inserts his/her fist into the Rob Jobee's rectum in order to roughly stimulate the prostate and seminal vesicles while using the other hand to simultaneously excite the glans penis.

The ultimate goal of the ambitious Rob Job is to achieve synchronous expulsion of bodily fluids and/or matter from both the urethral and rectal canals.
(n.) After performing an exceptionally satisfying Rob Job on Herbert, Mabel yelled with glee, "Touchdown!" while signaling the call with two upraised and soiled hands.

(v.) "Did you see that girl," asked an inquisitive Billy, "I almost Rob Jobbed in my pants! Good thing I decided on Depends this morning!"
by Papa Bellmore September 28, 2006

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