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1 - the act of making out vigorously with ample movement of the lips, often described as "eating face", but sans the use of tongue whatsoever. Can possibly include the tight squeezing of eyes, odd "dry noises" and an awkward, uncomfortable position on your boyfriend's couch.

2 - derogatory name for a person who engages frequently in the act of famping.

3 - word used to describe someone who exhibits exceedingly ignorant, pathetic, idiotic, or awkward tendencies.

CAUTION: Never famp, ever. Side effects may include dry mouth, severly chapped lips, a teary and painful break up, and/or social rejection/alienation by all of one's peers.
"Ew, what were Shirley and Blake doing in the movies last night?"
"Oh, ignore them, they were just famping."

"Yo, Shirley looks hot, I'd tap that."
"Gross man, everyone knows shes a famp."

"Shirley was being such a stuck-up bitch at Dave's party on Saturday."
"Yeah, only a famp would refuse to have a drink along with the rest of us."
by Papa Bell Hemps December 24, 2009

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