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someone breaking the rules, using programs to alter the skills of a player in a video game, such as counter strike.
Stealthbomber: Dude! so wall hax!
by Panzer February 28, 2005
A great rock band from britain. Songs include Aces High, Phantom of the Opera, and The Trooper.
Iron Maiden kicks Creed's ass.
by Panzer May 09, 2004
The only smart and mature person in the anime FLCL, Fooly Cooly, Furi Kuri whatver. Smart and studious. Lonely and a bit confused. Her PARENTS SUCK. and overall has a chrush on Takkun (Noata)
"Class President!"
"What's your real name?"
"Well, we always call you 'Class President'"
by Panzer April 20, 2005
A type of gay which meaning, retardes or stupid. Formed into someone trying to speak in 1337 talk.
Dude, this fucker hacks, hes so gayzorz!!!
by Panzer February 28, 2005
A clan used in counter-strike, formed into a server ( owned by Robjob.
Dude, go to x2x, it is the coolest place ever!
by Panzer March 01, 2005
The night in the middle of a live theatre show's run. I.E.: If the show was running thursday, friday, and saturday, the stride night would be friday. Named because you have "hit your stride" on this night.
Stride night we put on a good performance.
by Panzer March 12, 2004
a lesbian anime, with complete lesibans who love each other and strip each other.. this is pure YURI! aggh.
I want to strip you!
No you can't.. ok
by Panzer April 20, 2005

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