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the act of using a traditional head support cushion for the purpose of sexually pleasuring one's self. they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and composition materials. pleasuring can take place in any position- face down, face up or side lying. many who use this method claim that the orgasm is of significantly higher quality than with hand masturbation due to the fact that the genitals are supported and in full contact with a surface during climax
Male method for pillow masturbation: for best results, don sheer to waist pantyhose of approximately 20 denier and rub the encased penile head with the pillow for arousal while face up. the pillow case should ideally be of 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. after arousal, and the plateau phase of stimulation, prepare for orgasm by inverting to face down position while on top of the pillow humping back and forth as though thrusting during coitus. the orgasm is of better intensity than most other masturbatory methods.
by Pantyhosed Pillow Humpster December 13, 2011

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