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(Noun) The quiet hand clap made by BBC Egghead's Kevin Ashman, normally to comiserate a defeated team and occasionally to congratulate a winning team. Involves clapping the left hand within the right hand asymetrically and a slight nod of the head with protusion of lower jaw to show appreciation of the opposition. Sadly not a feature of every episode, and sometimes cut, it is best observed when the challengers have done well but not quite well enough. Almost certain if the final round has gone to tie-breaks.

Also, ashplaud (verb).
Kevin's ashplause today was rather half-hearted.

Give the man a round of ashplause.
by Pantscat January 26, 2009
A quick way of saying 'www' when relaying a web address.
Hey Pete, take a look at trebleyew dot urban dictionary dot com.
by Pantscat January 09, 2009

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