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Round Lake Senior High School, Home of the PANTHERS!!! Located in Round Lake, Illinois. A school full of diverse students!! Pride is strong here!! Even though some of the sports teams aren't amoung the best in their conference, they are a great group of kids!! Every time I hear someone talking bad about the school I know that they have never had the opprotunity to meet the large student body! People like to insult and ridicule the school, but seriously their town is not much better!! Honestly what makes you better than anyone, just because you have more money!! Nothing!!! Great school!!! The only high school that I have ever seen that the entire student population has a group to "HANG" with!!!
Round Lake Senior High School students hold your heads high!! You are attending a school that has had to fight for everything and they still come swinging!!!! Your pride a determination are admired my your peers, parents, and faculty!!

by Panther Pride!!! July 31, 2009

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