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The lips of a girls pussy.
Hey, Bitch! Let me kiss your lips.
by PanochiMan April 30, 2005
The best baseball team in the world. The Dodgers sucks the Red Sox's balls compare to the Yankees.
Those crazy Tovars like the Dodgers because they wanna suck the Red Sox's balls too.
by PanochiMan May 01, 2005
A student named liam Patrick young better know as patty b/c he loves men
Liam you are such a bear
by PanochiMan April 14, 2005
The gayiest baseball team ever because they suck cock. By the way those gay-ass Dodgers lost to the Giants in the play-offs.
The Dodgers are so fucking gay because they think they can win a world series against the Yankees. HAHAHA the Dodgers are such bears.
by PanochiMan May 01, 2005
A thing that might be a fucking nigglet, terrorist, or sand nigger that has attitude with everyone.
Careful with that fucking nigglet or sand nigger, whatever that piece of ugly black shit is, he might blow you up.
by PanochiMan May 03, 2005

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