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Slang for manmeat, cock, penis, willy, one-eyed snake, meat and two veg, party sausage, kojak in a roll-neck, etc

Associated with the shape of anti-hero Darth Vader in George Lucas's popular Star Wars episodes.
"Hey, man! Don't let your momma catch you playing lightsabre with your Vader Helmet or you'll feel the force of her Dark Side..."
by Pangy November 17, 2003
A group of friends who use their
I-pods in conjunction with each other. They may use their pods in social situations to avoid auditory disturbances. Pod Squads may resemble gangs as they dress alike and speak the same odd vernacular.
Wow, look at that pod squad rolling through. They are damn cool.
by Pangy April 12, 2005
Spoken only when something is unbelievable, strange, fucked up, outlandish or perplexing.
Jerry: "so i found out my cock is fourteen inches long"

everyone standing around: "thats umbelebable"
by Pangy April 12, 2005
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