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2 definitions by Pandamania

It refers to the Shakalambey gang (The Lyceum Basketball Team) or the song 'Shakalambey' sung by the Shakalambey gang.

The song is sung at Lyceum Sports Events and outings.

All created by The Lyceum Basketball Team - batch of 2010.
Lets sing the Shakalambey!!


Dude, those guys are copying our Shakalambey.
by Pandamania September 29, 2011
A combination of being a noob and a boob.

Being a dumbass/ being lame or even being a spoilt sport.

Staying at home when we can go party.
Dude, you're such a nooboob. noob boob

Stop being such a nooboob and lets go party.
by Pandamania September 29, 2011