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58 definitions by Panchoman Jr.

Is just like a "MILF”, except it refers to A Divorced Woman.
The mother of one of my grade school children is a true DMILF. I often see her in my dreams...
by Panchoman Jr. June 01, 2007
This is a word that was coined by my daughter when she was quite little. After her bath and after she was dried off, she would run out into the living room or wherever shouting that she was "barenuded”.
Daddy, Daddy, look at me, I am barenuded.
by Panchoman Jr. January 07, 2008
Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Quote from a female member of the US government (elected position)
As I said before, P5 is the right way to go
by Panchoman Jr. October 24, 2006
A weekly show on TV during the 1960s? It's purpose was to recap the things that had gone on the previous week.

The show title was "That Was the Week That Was" -it had three "T”s, and three "W"s in the title.
Everyone is coming over to my house next week. Everybody wants to see the newest TW3, which is on next week. It is a great show that is often very funny.
by Panchoman Jr. December 29, 2006
Male ejaculate that comes out of the penis during male orgasm.
After our night together, she had Dickie dodo all over her face.
by Panchoman Jr. October 25, 2006
Commonly known as "pubic hair"
They both found it very, very erotic and stimulating when she shaved his Dickbeard
by Panchoman Jr. October 20, 2006
This is often used in advertisements by "ladies of the night". It stands for "half sex". It means that she does not do "everything" -does everything but intercourse
It was a real bummer when I read her advertisement and it only said "h/s”. I was looking for the whole thing...
by Panchoman Jr. July 29, 2007