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Rolling in the country, either to view the country side, or just to smoke some chronic. Same as a country cut.
Dip at two, everyone bring a jay.

Sup man, up for a country dip?
by Pancho Lama February 05, 2007
The nameless overly sugared crimson ambrosia of your local corner mart. Like kool-aid, but much cheaper and thicker. Gallon red refers to the red cherry/tropical flavors, but can be in other flavors as well: green (lime), blue (blue raspberry), orange, and questionably black (grape). Always cheap, never filling.
Yo lets hit up the corner mart and get some gallon red
by Pancho Lama March 27, 2007
A large number of police cars parked in one area.
Shit dude, we need to divert. There's a pork party up ahead.
by Pancho Lama February 05, 2007

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