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Someone who is always taking pictures of themselves.

Usually Photogenic Penguins are members of social networks like Myspace, Facebook and Bebo.

These people are easily can be picked out.

Signs of a Photogenic Penguin is:
a) Carrying a camera/camera phone on them at all times.
b) Uploading 5 or more pictures of themselves each week on their page.
c) Commonly asking people if they can take a picture with them.
d) Has 3 shots or more of them looking the same.
e) Has a favorite Angle.
Frank- Hey did you see that photogenic penguin on myspace yet?

Joe- Yes, they added like 40 pictures of them self last night.
by Pancake Batter May 02, 2009
A laughing out loud elephnt.
Joe: Look at that peanut
Frank: lolephant
by Pancake Batter November 30, 2008
Another way to say "awesome", "sweet" and other comments in that such.

Used in the game, Popomundo, as the highest quality.
Person 1: "Have you saw that concert on TV last night?"

Person 2 "Yeah, it was God Smackingly Glorious."
by Pancake Batter March 07, 2009
A nickname for "Chelsey". You cannot give this name to yourself, you first have to be called it by a close friend.

Chawlsays wear thick eyeliner and black eyeshadow. They're usually VERY pale.

(can be spelt Chawl-say)
Hey Chawlsay!
by Pancake Batter March 07, 2009
1. Someone who posts first, second, third and so on on social network board, forum or wall.

Plural: Bobs or Bobbers

Also can be used as an action; Bobbing.
2. The action a person does when they post first, second, third and so on.

More Info:
Bobbers or Bobs can be easily found on Facebook, usually in Facebook groups with many people.
1. Megan is a Bob.
2. Look at all the Bobs that posted!
3. I wish the Bobbers would stop flooding my facebook group.
4. What is the point of Bobbing?
by Pancake Batter December 26, 2009
1) Another word for grounded.

2) When a person that is a threat walks into the school, Lock Down will happen. Lock down is when everyone goes to the nearest classroom, if not in one, lock their doors and hide in a corner away from windows.
1)I can't go to the dance, i'm in lock down.

2)An angry man runs into the school with a knife, and lock down was said over the speaker.
by Pancake Batter March 10, 2009
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