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1. Attempting to stitch up one's torn Karma, before it gets worse.

2. Making a repair to a damaged Karma.
I have been so bad lately, I need a Karma Suture.
by Pammie Cakes January 10, 2010
An ileus is a partial or complete blockage in the bowels that can cause pain, a distended abdomen and the inability to defecate. A "gerbileus" is an ileus specifically caused by a gerbil.
Renaldo had not pooped for days and his abdomen was distended. He suspected it was the gerbil he had allowed Pedro to put up his butt the weekend before but needed an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis of: "gerbileus".

Although never confirmed, there was a rumor that a certain famous actor enjoyed the occasional gerbil up the tailpipe until one day it went in too far, creating a "gerbileus" that had to be surgically removed.
by Pammie Cakes November 18, 2011
When ashamed of eating sugar loaded cereals, some people will lie and say they eat "healthy" cereals.
1. She was secretly addicted to "Cocoa Puffs" but told her friends she enjoyed "Special K".

2. She frequently bought "Fruit Loops" and put them into an old "Kashi" box because she was on a diet and wanted to hide her desire for kids' cereals. Her pre-meditated deception made her the worst kind of a cereal liar.
by Pammie Cakes January 11, 2010

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