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1. Two people that truly complete each other. One cannot live without the other.
2. Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson.
3. Romeo and Juliet.
4. Zak and Jamie.
Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson are Cosmic Mates, together for eternity.
by Pamela Courson August 20, 2008
A little drinking town with a fishing problem.
"Tawas City?"
"Oh! Tawas!"
"I'm not as think as you drunk I am."
*Falls into local bar*
*Buys smoked salmon from Kleno's*
by Pamela Courson August 20, 2008
1. A name given to Pamela Courson by Jim Morrison. Pam was Jim's Cosmic Mate.
2. A song by The Doors. It's on the Morrison Hotel album. Jim Morrison wrote it about his relationship with Pamela Courson.
3. Jamie, the Queen of the Highway of this generation.
Queen of the Highway is dancing through the midnight whirlpool with the Lizard King.
by Pamela Courson August 20, 2008
1. The Lizard King of this generation. Many believe that the soul of Jim Morrison was flying around, as a child is like a flower with its head floating in the breeze, and he jumped into Zak's brain.. and he's still in there.
2. Loves his girl, Jamie. Also known as Queen of the Highway. They'll be together forever. They're Cosmic Mates.
"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything!"
*Zak shouts from the top of his car*
by Pamela Courson August 20, 2008
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