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a sock, usually knee high or similar, worn by an extremely tubby person, causing the the flesh to bulge over the top of the sock similar to breakfast muffin overflow.

Similar to a muffin top but occurring whenever sock constricts flesh and causes bulging overflow.
Rick: did you see that roller derby chick?

Dale: with the knee high socks..?

Rick: yeah, girl should rethink her sock choice...serious muffin sock! Gross!
by Pamann April 17, 2011
A gathering of people, generally men, who talk incessantly about sports, sports scores, players stats, upcoming draft picks, coaches fired and hired, blahblah blah. Just never ending, mind numbing sports discussions that seem to rehash the same damn info over and over. A gaggle of guys talking the talk with their dicks dragging the dirt.
June: Who are all those guys in the break room? They're there everytime I go get coffee?

Martha: Just a bunch of dicks in the dirt- you know the rangers lost last night so that's a 2 hour discussion for them.
by Pamann February 25, 2012
1) an object that one can't recall the actual word to correctly identify said object.

2) A word to use in place of the correct terminology of an object in order to trivialize or belittle it's importance
My boss asked me to review some of his paperwork on his day off, but those thingy boppers take too much time away from my work.
by Pamann October 18, 2010
A person, usually a coworker, who continually brings homemade baked goods to share as a gesture of supposed kindness. In reality it is not a selfless act at all but an excuse to:
1) show off their culinary skills and garner praise
2) tempt coworkers who are attempting weight loss
3) remove said baked goods from their own home environment thus removing temptation of singular consumption in it's entirety
Brent: Man, you are so lucky to work with Pam! She brings homemade cookies almost everyday!
Todd: Not really- she's only doing it to save herself from eating them all; and she knows I'm trying to lose weight. She's a baking fool.
by Pamann December 14, 2011
A polite way of referring to a man's sexual region.
His shorts are way too small- I can see his man garden when he sits down!
by Pamann December 10, 2010
In reference to the shoddy job most road construction crews do.
A job that to the visible eye seems complete but is actually done half assed and sloppily.

To rush through a job or project in order to be done with it, cutting corners so as not to be detected by outsiders.
I don't really have time to make apple pie to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner so I'm taking it on the road and getting one from the corner bakery and I'll say it's mine.
by Pamann October 27, 2010
An unauthorized copy of a movie currently showing in theaters. A black market DVD copy/burn of a movie not yet officially released to DVD. Black can be in reference to a "hood" copy, also illegally obtained and viewed in home or via media source.
Terrence: I loved that movie Limitless. You should see it. I watched it at my house last night.

Sara: I thought that was still in theaters...? How could you watch it at home?

Terrence: We had a Blackbuster Video copy. I know a guy that gets me all the new movies before they're released.
by Pamann April 22, 2011
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