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3 definitions by Pam-Dama-Rama

A Minecraft YouTuber, modder and a server owner. He makes his own mods, and is the owner of "MCE626's Server". He makes Minecraft videos on YouTube
MCE626: "Hi"
Person 1: "Holy crap! It's MCE626!!"
by Pam-Dama-Rama April 16, 2013
18 1
A very fun game, most would say, and some people say it's another "drug", because it's so addicting. Minecraft uses Blocks/cubes, and they are pixelated. Why? Because every block uses some java, and the higher the texture, like realism HD, would make a shit ton of lag.

Anyway, minecraft is very fun because you can build any building, or pixel art, you want. There is no planned mission you have to do, like in Halo or C.O.D... You don't always have to build some huge kick-ass thing. There is also survival mode, with peaceful, easy, normal, and hard difficulties. There is also other game modes. Creative, and adventure.

Minecraft was made by "Notch" but is now being coded by "jeb_". C418 made the music and soundtracks, and Dinnerbone is another coder.
Person 1: "Hey...Dude, u wanna smoke some weed?.."
Person 2: "Can't, I'm fighting the Enderdragon..."

Person 1: "Minecraft is gay."
Person 2: "You just don't have a creative mind."

Person 1: "WTF is the point of play minecraft?"
Person 2: "It's fun, dumb-ass."

Person 1: "Why the fuck is everything a block, and pixelated??"
Person 2: "Cause if it wasn't, it would have a shit ton of lag, and the computer would overheat."
by Pam-Dama-Rama April 17, 2013
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"Walgenbach" is a german word, and is also a last name. It means "Brook in the woods". You say it as - "Wall" "Jen" and the "Bach" is the same sound in Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer.
Walgenbach - "Wall" "Jen" "Bach"
by Pam-Dama-Rama April 17, 2013
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