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3 definitions by Palringo sex group

A photograph of the male penis sent to another via personal message
spkoller:Oh wow i think Howsit sent me another Cockogram... thats like 5 today.
by Palringo sex group May 18, 2009
26 7
accidentally uploading an inappropriate, embarassing, or slanderous pic to a palringo room.
Melting: How do you like the picture of my penis i pmed u Df
DrewNYC: melting why am i looking at a picture of your package? It better be a f***king oopload
by Palringo sex group May 19, 2009
19 5
The act of being Banned with out reason because the group moderator is in a bad mood
The hybrid: What's going on why is she banning every one?
Heather: I don't know but if u stay quiet and don't say anything u might not get Mya'd
by Palringo sex group May 18, 2009
19 7