4 definitions by Palookafuck

1.A boxer that takes a dive
2. a clumsy person
3. a nosey person
4. used as asshole
5. a dumb person
1. the palooka took a dive
2. good job dropping that bomb palooka
3. stop peaking through the window palooka fuck
4. shut the fuck up stupid palooka
5. that palooka wasn't too bright
by Palookafuck May 03, 2005
1. to fuck something up
2. to be nosey
3. to interogate
1. I just fucking palookaed that car
2. the nosey neighbor palookaed out the window to watch the kids
3. the palooka police palookaed the guy
by Palookafuck May 03, 2005
something that makes you fuck up, usually a stupid small object in the way, such as a glass balancing on a table, or a skateboard on a staircase
the freezer was a fucking palooka trap, a 20lb turkey fell on the dudes foot!
by Palookafuck May 22, 2005
when a palooka fucks up, the palooka police are at the scene. includes parents, teachers, nosey neighbors, real police, etc
I spilled a drink in the kitchen and my fucking palooka police parents walk in to bitch about it
by Palookafuck May 03, 2005

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