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One of the oldest domestic felines. Originally thought to be from Maine and consisting of half raccoon (according to folklore due to the raccoon like tail). Characteristic of a dog since they follow your every move and are very large.
Meaux is a Maine Coon, NICE! "BBBLELAOUW!"
by Palmero April 23, 2005
One who impresses others with their extensive knowledge of all things patio, including grilling, cocktail-mixing and plain 'ol chilling out.
Vince is the self proclaimed daddy o of the patio, he has a neon light to prove it.
by palmero September 28, 2006
A cat, to be celebrated. Soon to be known in all 50 states and some foreign countries.
Meaux, NICE! (Heard in Utah, California and Nevada.)
by Palmero April 23, 2005
Young, single male who constantly tries to hook up with single or married mothers in the greater Inland Empire area.
Booch hooked up with a MILF yesterday in Corona.
by Palmero April 23, 2005

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