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Attempts to refute an argument by showing that it matches a pattern of behavior typical of a person or group. What makes something right or wrong is the set of reasons for it, not the ability to recognize that it exists. (Can also be thought of as argument by pattern-matching.)

"You match a pattern of behavior or stereotype that I have described, therefore you are wrong."
Libertarian bingo, liberal bingo, feminist bingo, MRA bingo, and pretty much any bingo card refutation are examples of bingo arguments.
by PaleBlueYacht May 13, 2013
Satisfaction from having consciousness of something that was previously unconscious, such as watching a comedian and finally having a way to describe "that thing" you've noticed at an unconscious level for quite some time, or reading about "Words For Things You Never Knew Had Words" and having words for those things.
CHRISTINA: Holy fuck, Jake was such a dick during our argument at dinner. I walked out. And when I was driving home, I had the best comeback!

JESSICA: There's a term for that. Esprit d’Escalier. Staircase wit.

CHRISTINA: There's a term for that?! Oh god, expliment!
by PaleBlueYacht March 24, 2011
The feeling which occurs after one has stayed up past his sleep cycle such that the body has abandoned its "go to sleep" feeling and has shifted into a light buzz.

It is comparable to the lingering buzz that remains in the morning after a night of drinking, because the body is rather awake yet clearly not fully sober.
KATE: John, go to bed. Aren't you sleepy? You were dozing off at your desk a few hours ago.

JOHN: Yeah, but the sleepy part of my cycle is over. It's back into awake mode, so I'm lanked now.
by PaleBlueYacht February 20, 2011
A conflict or argument made to convince the people watching the conflict, rather than the person being confronted.
Shouting about how much of a jerk someone is will not convince that person, but it can be used as a show conflict to convince the people watching you shout at that person.

Show arguments / show conflicts are for the audience, not the attackee.
by PaleBlueYacht May 13, 2013
A kind of illegality that is laughed at, rather than taken seriously. alt spelling: illeglol
A: Isn't it illegal to honk like that?

B: Probably. More importantly, it's illeglawl.
by PaleBlueYacht May 12, 2013
Being offended at offense, usually when the metaoffendee feels that another's offense is highly unjustified.
CHRIS: You're gay? You offend me.

JOHN: Are you fucking serious? You're offended at that? I'm metaoffended.
by PaleBlueYacht March 24, 2011
An insincere and self-promoting post on another's Facebook wall intended for a public audience, in spite of the wall's one-on-one nature.

This is usually done to advertise traits which when put in the direct form of a status update would make the poster's motives far too transparent.
KATE: Why did Christina post "you're the best. LOVE LOVE LOVE." on my facebook wall? She hasn't talked to me in five months and it's not my birthday.

MARK: She probably wants everyone to think she's the type of girl who is tight with her friends, and people would call her on it if it were a status update.

KATE: A proxy wallpost? Seriously?
by PaleBlueYacht February 20, 2011

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