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(Verb) To meep.
Paldiu: Meep!
smack17: Dude, did you just pleepermeep?
Paldiu: yup lul cus ima pleepermeeper lul
by Paldiu April 29, 2011
Well, we must first find out what a dist is. A dist is something of a females body part, like the clitoris, or clit. This word, however, can be used to describe a males body part, like their dick. Now on to a dist finder. When a man (or woman) looks for the parters dist. Also used as an insult, aimed toward a person, mostly someone "most likely to suck eggs" in highschool.
Girl: Dude, you are such a dist finder.

Guy: not my problem, yours for having such a small dist.

Example 2:
Man 1: Dude, that man is such a dist finder. He will never get laid.

Man 2: Yeah. Hehe.
by Paldiu January 09, 2011

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