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1.) An Irish girl.

2.) Femina hibernica. A bipedal, female mammal noted for its beautiful coloring and a siren-like irresistibility. While alluring, its reckless disregard for the safety of itself and others make it one of the deadliest creatures in nature. Despite its penchant for risky behavior, its lifespan may be as many as 100 years. The prey and mate most susceptible to the charms of the colleen is the paisano (Vir italicus), often marked by its distinctive cry of, "WHAT THE FUCK, WOMAN?!" A paisano who mates with a colleen has an average lifespan of 42 years.
Zoologists observed one colleen jogging alone and unarmed in an urban park at 11:00 at night, driving her car at 75 mph on the freeway immediately after a severe front-end accident and taking unlabeled red pills from her medicine cabinet - later identified as morphine - for a headache. Although the colleen survived, her paisano mate suffered a heart attack.
#irish girl #siren #lunatic #psycho #heart attack #stroke #suicide #insanity #early grave
by Paladin Fox August 14, 2008
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