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A person of East Indian descent who has the following traits: 1. thinks they blend into the general population 2. has a strong indian accent or cannot speak english at all (pronounces V's and W's like B's - eg. window = bindow) 3. wears their pajamas outside like it is a fashion statement 4. plays obscure sports like kabaddi 5. cuts their hair (previously in a turban) in highschool to fit in 6. uses baby oil as a hair gel 7. always refer to their social circles as their buddies or cousins 8. breath smells like masala 9. if they are men, wear blue contacts to look like the men in Bollywood 10. lives with their extended families (ie. parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts) until they are married and sometimes even after.
my dipper buddies I are going to the diwala festival to play some kabaddi and afterwards we are going to my momma's house to eat pakoras and saag with my cousins in the basement of our Surrey monster house.
by Pakky Kora June 14, 2010

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