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Also known as pakigamer, he is a swagalicious gamer who brings a live dual commentary with TmarTn every week on youtube and is now top of the leader boards in Black ops 2. He nose all the maps very well due to his navigating skills.
Yo this is chinogamer bringing you a live commentary with TmarTn!
by pakigamer June 24, 2013
A species of animals in Pakistan whose main goal in life is to be the very best. The Pakimons originated from the Kanto region, but after being harrassed and tortured in Pakiballs, most of them relocated to the middle east area. Becuase of their harsh past Pakimon's tend to be aggressive to human life forms. For more information click on chinosgamer
"Go Pakichu, I choose you!" - Chinosgamer from Pakimon
by Pakigamer July 29, 2013

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