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Relates an action to the great Burt Reynolds, most likely as depicted in the greatest movie ever made, Smokey and the Bandit.

Can also be applied as an alternative form of the word "cool", or as a general exclamation of excitement.
1- "So are you going to abide by the court's ruling or you gonna go Bandit- Reynolds style?"

2- "Let's get drunk, Reynolds style"

3- "I fucked your mum Reynolds style"
by Paisley_Scaff May 30, 2006
One who is of questionable cleanliness. Alternatively may be used to indicate that someone is a bit crazy. May be abbreviated to "scaff".

The origin of the word is unknown, as it was overheard on a Scottish train by a group of neds, as they parleyed insults with each.

After much debate, it was decided that the word probably relates to a bin bag, with "scaff" being a slang term for rubbish/dirt, and a "bag" being a common receptical for objects.

Not to be confused with "Scaftag", an advertisement medium associated with scaffolding.
Ned 1- "Ah'm pure gonnae bang Johnny"
Ned 2- "Haw, you're a pure mad scaffbag by the way"

"I say, that scaffbag is stealing my car!"
by Paisley_Scaff May 29, 2006
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