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another way of saying "leet". short for elite. on a road trip up to the lake district i saw a car with l337 on their lisence plate!!! i can only hope the rather sour looking driver appreciates this legendary lisence plate.
person 1"hey look!"
person 2"wow! thats so kool!"
person 1"he better appreciate that"
person 2"yh"
by paisley July 09, 2005
The utopian society that hippies hoped to create in the future.
"soon well be livin' the dream"
by Paisley March 29, 2005
nickname; short for paisley
Yo paiz! Wuz crakin craker!?
by paisley March 16, 2005
The utopian society hippies hoped to create.
These fat capitalist pigs are stopping us livung the dream!
by Paisley March 28, 2005
Discovered by Ursinus College students, flambo describes something totally awesome and unexplainable by any other word.
"oh my god! that new shirt you're wearing is fricken' flambo!"
by Paisley October 31, 2004

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