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When an anime site has been asked to take down FUNimation anime from their site, making there viewer ratings drastically drop for about to weeks until the noob viewers figure out that they can't find FUNimation dubs anywhere because everyone has been asked to take it down.
Anilinkz was totally FUNi'd last week.
by Painthetownfred February 02, 2010
Much like it's counterpart "The Awkward Turtle", but you have your middle finger extended to make it look like a it has a penis.
Ivan: "Last night I walked in on my mom taking a shower and her tits were banging!"
Jace: *Does The Awkward Perverted Turtle*
by Painthetownfred February 02, 2010
Used when in a your mom fights.
It's a grade higher than "your mom"
Joey: What's the name of that song?
Sally: Never gonna giv-
Mickey: It's called, your mom!
Joey: Well, your mom's hairdresser!
Mickey: :O
Sally: *Head-desk*
by Painthetownfred February 02, 2010
The act of throwing someone or something out of a window.
Helga: "What did you just do Bobby?!"
Bobby: "What can't I defenestrate my trash out on to the highway?"
Helga: "Are you retarded?! That's called littering, we could be fined!"
(Cue the police)
by Painthetownfred February 02, 2010

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