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MoCo = Montgomery County, Maryland
MoCo is the only place in the world where almost everyone thinks theyre black and gangsta, blasting fifty-cent mainstream rap and think they're the shit, even though they're driving a benz or beamer which their millionare parents bought them. MoCo is the only place in the world where people drive around Potomac and Bethesda to look at big houses. MoCo is the only place where all the gangstas and wannabe gangstas drink and blaze and kill each other in drunk driving accidents, and where all the uptown girls (Northwest, Seneca Valley, Whitman, Walter Johnson, QO, Churchill) have sex like they're drinking water. Where everyone thinks souping their car means installing oversized mufflers and hub-cap spinners on minivans. It's the only place where you can go from the hood to hollywood in 10 minutes and where people get killed at high school football games. Its the only place where cops are on your dick 24/7 and you better be ready to run from them when they bust your party this weekend.

Basically, MoCo is the shit.
Guy 1: I've got the magic stick!
Guy 2: Man, You're such a Gangster! Only G's blast 50 Cent in their Beamers!

Guy 3: I'd rather live in HoCo.
Guy 4: Not even. MoCo runs Maryland. what the fuck is HoCo. fucking queers.
by Paint Branch Runs it June 09, 2006

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