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10 definitions by Paint

An animal that sucks the blood out of animals. They are cool! I would want an attack chupacabra, and sick it on people
some guy: You are a loser!
me: tell that to my liel' friend. SICKEM BOY!
Attack chupacabra: hiss's and attacks guy
by Paint January 08, 2005
1. A blowjob
2. This stupid fathead i know who must DIE!
1. Ew! is that girl giving him a BJ?\
2. I now know my goal in life: I must kill BJ!!! MUHAHAHA!
by Paint February 05, 2005
1. the now lamest show on earth
2. THE REASON WHY FUTURAMA WAS CANCLED (To many faggy simpsons fans didnt even bother watching it)
I aint watching the fucking simpsons! Now, change it to Futurama before i kick you simpson loving ass to anartica!
by Paint February 02, 2005