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The worlds best show on ever. Every one I know watches. My teacher , My friends and of course me! its about 3 sisters who are (good) witches kicking deamon, and worlock butt! Piper is the oldest, then pheobe, and then the half sister and the best sister Paige! they have amazing powers and its on on tnt every weekday from 5 to 7 o clock. SO WATCH IT! yay!
OH shoot! its 5:00 why am i standing outside? charmed is on. bye (Then i sprint off) I need to watch my favorite girls Pheobe, Paige and piper, and of course the hot Chris perry Halliwell! oh yea

Me: have u ever seen the show charmed? it rox sox off\
Person no i have not
Me:well u should and if u dont and u dont like it i will hate u forever!
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