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3 definitions by Paige F. Enimore

a single mother's regime where the Mom takes control of the situation by casting the only vote that matters when it comes to decision making for the family.
"It doesn't matter if you both want McDonald's tonight; this is not a democracy...it is a Momocracy and Mom wants Mexican food for dinner"
by Paige F. Enimore April 21, 2010
Self diagnosis of a critical or terminal illness upon entering symptoms into Google.
After I entered blurry vision into Google, my Googlenosis was brain tumor. I've got to get to the doctor fast!
by Paige F. Enimore August 18, 2011
The progression or time period between puberty to permanent bacherlorhood marking a man’s marriageability.
John is only 42 years old and I want to fix you up with him before his guyological clock expires and he becomes a permanent bachelor!
by Paige F. Enimore April 21, 2010