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When a person takes a shit into the toilet in such a way that a piece of the shit sticks out above the water.
We're going to have a contest to see how tall of a shitberg we can coil into the toilet.
by Pacos Bill May 23, 2006
A sexual position in which a man titty fucks a woman that is lactating. The pressure placed on the breasts causes the milk to shoot out for added lubrication and the semen shooting out of the penis produce a dual-action formula....hence the double latte.
Penelope and I made a double latte last night. I milked her titties when I titty fucked her and she milked my cock to make enough white frosting on her tits for a few cupcakes.
by Pacos Bill March 04, 2008
To complete a task without checking your own work and it ends up screwing your co-worker(s).
John: Leo moved the network servers and didn't tell anyone. He's not here today so everyone is yelling at me!

Marcus: Sorry dude.... Leo just "ben dovar" you!
by Pacos Bill September 04, 2008
A sexual position in which a man titty fucks another man that has large enough man-boobs to allow such a vile act.
That guy is so overweight that his tits are so huge that you can give him a guyser.
by Pacos Bill April 30, 2008

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