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3 definitions by PacoW

How to perform a pringler
1. Obtain female
2. Shake up large can of pringles
3. Pour broken up pringles into said woman's anus
4. Insert penis into said woman's anus
5. Fuck woman in the ass
6. Listen to the satisfying crunching noise
Shut up ho or you're getting a pringler
by PacoW August 05, 2007
A rather violent act of sexual aggression in which a person ties up a female, stuffs all her body cavities (mouth, nose, anus, vagina, ears) with fish, and leaves her out by a dumpster for the cats.
Julia experienced a catwoman last week and hasn't been the same woman since then.
by PacoW August 05, 2007

A site where young teenagers ask strangers on the forums about the right number of pills to ingest from their parent's medicine cabinet.
some kid died from advice he got from the waytoomany forums.
by PacoW August 05, 2007