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9 definitions by Paco Belmondo

A place that more people (especially those of Mexican lineage) would find a total insult if they had any culture, taste, or even plain good judgment.

Taco Bell serves the shittiest "Mexican 'food'" ever conceived. The food tastes like shit (assuming that it tastes like anything), and that's how you feel after you eat it...if you're normal.
Taco Bell is a symbol of all that is wrong with the world.
by Paco Belmondo August 19, 2005
A casual gamer is somebody who doesn't know jack shit about video games.

Their "game" collection often consists mainly of annually rehashed sports titles with buggy engines and unbalanced gameplay as well as other EA garbage. Many casual gamers refuse to play Nintendo games because they're too "hardcore" to play that "kiddy crap," yet they're the type of cowards who'll give up on games like Ninja Gaiden, because "it's too hard."

Other popular games among casuals are: Grand Theft Auto, a pointless game that appeals to the type of idiot who thinks shooting a hooker is as funny the thousandth time as the first; Gran Turismo, because driving around in circles is the most rewarding gameplay experience ever; and Tomb Raider, because shitty games can sell well just like shitty music if they have enough "sex appeal."
Casual gamers bought a PSP for $250 just to fill it with shitty MP3s.
by Paco Belmondo August 19, 2005