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A quaint town located in Bristol Township PA. Currently the recepient of a 14 million dollar stimulis package going to wards the train station, main intersection, curbs landscaping and other emneties that will improve the overal curb appeal of the current "white trash" feel of the 13 / Newportville rd intersection. Croydon residents are often refereed to as "croydenites". In the past it has not been a polite name, rather a derogetory name intended to insult your enemy or friend during heated exchanges. Croydon has two parts "New Croydon" and "Old Croydon" . New is less trashy where old is very trashy. If you are a yuppie, real estate is reasonable, trans to the city is convenient and property investments are sure to be a big win with the gentrification of Croydon station and sourounding areas. I might add it is a very dog friendly town.
Croydon, PA
by Packard Dog August 26, 2009

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