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The order of french fries consisting of the remains of a once proud batch. This order has the short, burned, crisped-solid, or fingernail like french fries. Fast food workers often try to compensate for ass fries by sheer volume of fries. May lead to depression or recipient becoming punchy.
Ricky's cheerful attitude took a turn for the worse after seeing a box of ass fries next to his cheeseburger.
by Pac_Eddy May 01, 2009
Having the quality of being sultry and uber hot, while not top flight famous.

The quality of consistently being top ten.
Man, Jenny from accounting has got some hayek going on.
by Pac_Eddy March 26, 2009
The condition of having a strong tendency to punch those around you, often in retaliation for circumstances beyond the victim's control.
"I'm starting to feel a little punchy", Betty remarked after discovering her lunch order included ass fries.
by Pac_Eddy May 01, 2009

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