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2 definitions by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Male "chit-chat"

A typical "muck" session may include the following: hand gestures, loud laughs, stupid inside jokes, pointless conversation, & rude comments.

(All while a women is trying to get something done, or needs assistance, or is in a rush to be some place.)
"Lindsey, why were you late for my baby shower?"
"I'm sorry, Derek ran into an old friend & they mucked it up for hours!"

I can NEVER shop with my father because he finds someone to "muck" with, in every store!
by Pabst Blue Ribbon May 23, 2010
A non-offensive nickname for an African American.

Similar to: Niglet (a name used for an African American child)
"Who you texting girl?"
"My nigles"
"Who the hell is nigles?!"
"A close friend of mine...he's black" :)

.... btw....I'm white. I only have one black friend.
by Pabst Blue Ribbon May 23, 2010